Recircle's Christmas Dry waste Collection Drive ( 18th & 19th Dec'21)- Mumbai

( Dec. 8, 2021 - Dec. 19, 2021 )

Another month, another recycling drive. Right in time for Christmas!

ReCircle presents Christmas Dry Waste Collection Drive. Tis the season of joy, gifts, and giving back! 

This drive will focus on collecting all the recyclables that we clear out! All the Recyclables - raddi, used cartons, takeaway containers, old utensils, etc.- during the Christmas cleaning fervor. 

We’ll be routing through MMR & Navi Mumbai on the 18th & 19th of December, and we’re accepting all paper, all plastic, all-glass, all-metal, and E-waste - so ready your recyclables. 💚

This time we have partnered with Helping Hands Foundation, Vile Parle (E), and the amount generated from your donations for the Christmas Collection Drive will go to supporting the treatment of cancer patients.

How does it work?
* Register with your details for pick-ups. 
* Once we have gathered all the addresses, we will work on a route map that covers Mumbai for collection.
* Our front-line workers will be routing through different areas of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai on 18th-19th Dec.


1. What are we collecting? 

We are collecting everything that comes under plastic, paper, metal and glass. That includes plastic bottles, jars, packets, cardboard boxes, newspapers, alcohol bottles, glass jars, metal cans, old utensils, etc. For a comprehensive list, Click here

2. What happens to the recyclables I give away?

- ReCircle’s Material Recovery Facilities in Mumbai will receive it.

- Segregation will be done according to the material. 

- They will be safely and responsibly pre-processed.

- Sent further for recycling or reusing to different recyclers.

3. Who is this Collection Drive meant for?

Residential society, office space, college group, NGO, children’s group, individual household, we would love to come to your chosen place and collect the recyclables you are giving away. 

4. What more can I do for the Collection Drive?

Spread Spread Spread the word about this Collection Drive. The more we collect, the more we are redirecting from landfills and oceans. 

5. Which dates will you come around to my area?

Once you register, we will add you to a WhatsApp group where our live location on the day of the Drive will be shared and updated constantly. 

Volume is not an issue - the more the merrier! This is a fully impact driven collection drive. Apart from environmental impact, your participation will result in social and economic impact for our safai saathis and the kids at Helping Hands Foundation, Spread the word !! 

Don’t miss out, register for our Christmas Drive here (depending on your locale)